I know we can't be together, but I love him so much that I don't know what I'm doing. My life revolves around him. I have no self at all. I only think about him. Also say break up, and don't break up, let him feel like I'm talking all alone, I said break up, I said don't break up, don't break up, he as a man has no choice, so it hurt his man. He also has the right to choose. I have no right to play with him like this. I know that I'm wrong. I'm wrong. I made a lot of mistakes. He should not forgive me. I can't justify my stupidity in the name of love. Food can be eaten without words. Anything can be played, only feelings can't be played. Later, I finally learned if to love, but you have long gone, disappeared in the sea of people, and finally in tears understand that some people once missed no longer. He was impatient every time he talked to me at that time, because a lot of things happened that bothered him and bothered him for my work and feelings. I also want to talk to him because of boredom, because the pressure makes me want to find a space, want to get a little psychological comfort, just want to talk to him. But it's not easy for us to talk about one thing. He always says it well, which makes me feel like there's no room to think about it. I think he's changing. I think he doesn't like me anymore. He's not as good to me as before. Just because he doesn't love me, so he can't tolerate me like this. If he loves me, even my shortcomings will be tolerated and my willfulness will be favored by him. But now he is impatient because his heart has changed. I'm afraid to think of it here. Is this the so-called love? Is love so vulnerable? Is love so easy to change. Is real love really like this. I never knew love. Before, it was just my wishful thinking. I thought everything was too simple, my heart was too simple, and I would fantasize too much.